iOS, Swift, Objective-C, Realm, Node.js, Rails/Ruby, Python, Java, Nginx, Redis, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Oracle, CouchDB
iOS Developer
Built an iPhone app using the DJI developer iOS SDK that allows someone to specify a desired flight path created via AR using a HoloLens to automatically run waypoint missions.
iOS Developer
Built a yet-to-be-released iOS app allowing clients, advisors, and managers to connect.
iOS Developer
Built the iOS app and worked on the Rails backend.
Senior Software Engineer
Worked on the backend for 7Park Data using Flask, Redshift, MySQL, and Elasticsearch.
Built the Thrive@HBS iPhone app for Harvard Business School.
Worked on an iPhone app for CoPromote.
Did some maintenance work on the iOS app for Press+.
Worked on a rails CMS backend for Victoria's Secret that communicated with an iOS iPad app used by employees in stores for managing floorsets. The CMS also had portions written in Spine.js.
Did some maintenance work for AMC's YEAH! site written in Drupal.
Backend Developer
Built out an API providing real-time analyzed twitter data to the light controllers on the Empire State Building for the first-ever social media-driven light show for Super Bowl XLVIII. Technologies used: Node.js, Nginx, Redis, CouchDB, Monit, Supervisor, Siege, DataSift.

Built a similar system for a light show illuminating on a building in downtown Phoenix for Super Bowl XLIX. Technologies used: Node.js, Nginx, Redis, Monit, Supervisor, Siege, Spredfast.
Elephant Ventures
Senior Software Engineer
Built GroupSlots, an iPhone app prototype of a social layer to slot machine playing through the use of mobile devices. Users can group up using Bump, Facebook, and other services on their phones. They then choose a prize/goal they want to work toward such as a free car or xbox. The current balance toward the goal will update in real-time on the devices as group members win at the slot machines. Users are notified of player/group wins via push notifications. An admin interface exists for management of stats such as group activity and prizes. The prototype is currently being pitched to multiple casinos. Technologies used: iOS, Objective-C, Bump API, Facebook API, PHP, MySQL, jQuery.
Developed an iPad HTML5 app, distributed via Exploria, used by sales reps to pitch the drug Cimzia to doctors. The app includes a 3D carousel and an interactive drag and drop Pegylation module, using jQuery and CSS3.
Worked on Archetypes implementing the Pinterest-like Me system, tutorial, and feedback widget.
Assisted on the UNICEF Tap Project.
Worked on Pledge to Fight Forward, a website for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month using CodeIgniter.
Worked on Car Insurance Kung Fu, a site that provides real-time instant car insurance quotes from multiple providers; the form that the user fills out saves their progress at every step using Ajax and jQuery with a Drupal backend. It was demoed at the 2012 LeadsCon and well-received.
Worked on a J2EE internal admin portal for biopharmaceutical company XenoPort.
Wrote a python script that geocodes addresses of General Snus events/retailers and plots them on google maps.
Rent the Runway
Software Engineer
Built the warehouse management system (WMS) and inventory management system (IMS), later assisting on converting the WMS to Spring MVC.
Worked on both the frontend (jQuery, Drupal) and backend (PHP, Drupal, MySQL) of the website, additionally focusing on MySQL optimization, maintenance, and monitoring for improved integration between the site and the WMS and IMS.
UC Berkeley
Programmer/Analyst III
Worked on GLOW for the Graduate Division, a web application that provides graduate student-related information and services to students, faculty, and staff, including an Online Fellowship Competition, Departmentally Restricted Awards, Compliance Reports, and a Fee Remissions Payment System. The backend used Java and Oracle while the frontend used Dojo, jQuery, and JSP + JSTL. GLOW won the 2009 Larry L. Sautter Award for Innovation in Information Technology.
Worked on some of the server and application infrastructure surrounding GLOW such as migrating the Jaguar server to Apache + Tomcat, writing Apache Ant scripts to integrate Jakarta Cactus, jUnit tests, and Tomcat deployment, and writing an LDAP plugin for Trac to use university UIDs.
Software Engineer
Wrote a Firefox extension that uses DownloadHelper to extract media source URLs of videos normally unobtainable by usual means (HTML, RSS, XML).
Worked on blinkx beat, an interactive client application that brings the latest video content from the blinkx site to the desktop. Application was done in C++, using Win32 API, and the installer in NSIS.
Helped merge blinkx beat with pico, an application that shows videos related to contents of viewed web page. Used Ajax, CSS, and HTML for the frontend and converted pico's installer, written in Wise, to NSIS.
Wrote several web crawlers in perl to fetch video content from video sites and stored the media content using MySQL.
UMass Vision Lab NSF-Funded ASSIST Project
Programmer/Research Assistant
Designed and developed address book application intended for elderly users, with simple Java Swing GUI frontend, featuring large accessible widgets and SQLite database backend.
Helped integrate suite of applications (fall detection, object finder, videophone, calendar, address book) intended to prolong an elderly user's ability to live independently in a setting of his/her choice.
Maintain the Node.js GitHub API library: node-github.
Maintain a curated list of engineering blogs: engineering-blogs.
HTML5 canvas prototype of puzzle game Chip's Challenge.
Browse the most popular GitHub repos on Gitpop.
Attended Photo Hack Day and worked on a project that allows you to check into a place in Foursquare by taking a picture of the front of the venue. Technologies used: Foursquare API, Google Street View Image API, Python, Bottle web framework, OpenCV, Android, OAuth, AWS, S3, Piictu API, Card This API.
Noisebart, a python IRC bot that hooks into BART web service and provides ETA info for given origin and destination.
Firefox-style search extension for Pidgin using C, Gtk+, and XML.
Vineseek, a site that lets you search Twitter for vines and displays them a grid layout.
Allergy Discover, an allergy discovery site that helps people more easily figure out what they might be allergic to. Site built using node.js Express; data gathered using ruby Anemone framework.
Video bookmarker system you can use to tag scenes for more easily making themed supercuts. Technologies used: PHP, PDO, PHP-ffmpeg, SQLite, VLC web plugin, jQuery, HTML, CSS.